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Double Layered Single Divider Wedding Cake
If you notice the picture below, this cake does not have the extra divider. The very top layer is not part of the number of serving needed for the reception. The top layer is set aside for the Bride and Groom 1st Anniversary.
Double Layer With 2 Single layer With 2 Seprators
The Fire Chief Has Arrived!
I threw together this fire truck for a friend of mine. I did this cake in less than 30 minutes. I will not do that again! Everyone loved it and I still got the details on the truck; Fire on the front license plate, CHIEF on the back plates, water hoses, ladders, lights, and even had it looking like it was ready to roll! A cake like this is so much fun when properly planned. The details make it a wonderful memory. A special car or emblem or item can be made beautifully out of fondant, too, if you do not want to eat it. I will have a picture of a fondant one coming soon.
Doves and Fresh Flowers
Fresh Flowers can get a cake off so beautifully. I will never forget the smell of this cake due to the flavor (French Vanilla with Raspberry Filling). The Flowers that I chose for this cake only bloom in March. The blooms were pink with dark pink rose color buds on the greenery. They have a wonderful smell that added to the room! The other larger flowers are sold year round and blended so well with the rest of the arrangements. Please REMEMBER not all flowers can be near a cake due to toxins.
First Wedding Cake of My First Student
The only thing on this cake that was real was the icing! I used baking pans for the person I was training to practice the basket weave. I think she did a beautiful job! It pays off when you work hard as she (the student) and I (the teacher)did and had the whole thing one in a day. To this day, she has the best basket weave due to practice, practice, practice! She is my one and only student. I have never had a lesson and it is just my hobby that I love to do. By the way, check out her site: