Wedding Cakes
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Special Wedding Cake Designs
The cakes that are on this page I especially designed for the Bride and Groom according to their desires. My niece gave me free reign on designing this cake and she was so surprised and pleased with her cake. She asked me to do her cake when she was young and I remembered to put in the fountain, the layers, and her "icing" she so dearly loves! All her guest were amazed and delighted at the design and taste. Her cake was talked about for months later not to mention the food. Even today, people still talk about her reception. Her brother, Chef David did her catering. Our work flowed together beautifully. Her cake was totally her!

This is one of my favorite images
This cake has special meaning. The cake topper is well over 50 years old. There is history behind the topper. I was given free rein over the design of this cake. "Butterfly Kisses" was one of the first pieces of music that was done while the attendant walked the isle. The Butterfly represents a new life, a new creation. It was an honor to present this cake.
Bride's Cake
The bride chose amaratto with rasberry filling. Awesome flavor combination. Cakes serves 300.
Groom's Cake
This is a chocolate fudge with rasberry filing using milk chocolate icing. Wonderful combination. Strawberries were in season at the time of the wedding. They were the best strawberries I have ever found both in both color, size, and, surprisingly taste being so big. Big strawberries usually do not have the flavor like these did. Serves 300.
Castle Wedding Cake
The bride chose a simple round tiered cake and wanted fresh roses flowing down the cake. With that many roses, the cake did not need anything else.
Strawberry Chocolate Groom's Cake
I did not personally make this groom's cake. It is a simple cake that edified the bride's cake. The icing is a cooked icing that glazes the cake causing it to have the shine. I love to make this type of cake! I have made several types like this one.
Hat Box Wedding Cake
This cake involved the whole family. The father of the bride helped make the ribbons on the bottom square, the bride's grandfather rolled out fondant, the bride's mother arranged the fresh flowers, the bride's sister arranged the mirrors for the cake to sit on, and I made and decorated the cake. The bottom is a square box with ribbon stipes, the next square layer is with snow flakes, the round next layer is a basket weave, and the cake topper piece is a square that is angled like a diamond on top of all the boxes which was left smooth. The cake had so many memories to charish as a result. Usually there is not time for the family to participate in building the wedding cake.
Star Trek Groom's Cake
The groom chose a chocolate fudge cake with a milk chocolate icing. The Star Trek Emblem is made of editable gold and silver fondant. The couple has plans to frame the emblem.