Wedding Cakes Page 2
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Custom Design Cakes
A wedding is a day to remember. The cake is one of the main focus at the receiption. It is my desire not only to have a cake that looks beautiful, but also taste wonderful. If the cake looks like "plastic," and too perfect, it usually taste like "plastic." My cakes are planned and designed with much planning and care. A Wedding Cake Letter can be provided for the Bride's Table if she choses. It is framed and set next to the cake. There are certain items that are used on the cake that are heirlooms and have a special meaning and friends and family do not always realize this until they read the "Wedding Cake" description. This description can be added to the wedding program if desired.

  Heart Wedding Cake
The Porcelain Bride and Groom on this wedding cake was hand made by the Bride's aunt. The Bride wanted 4 extention hearts around the main cake. The extention hearts are of 2 different sizes. String pearls were scalloped around the cake.

Watermelon Thump Groom's Cake
The Bride and Groom were married on Watermelon Thump Weekend. They carried out the theme with a watermelon truck. A special license plate, the couple's shadow in the windsheild, windsheild wipers, head lights, back door opened enough to see watermelons inside made this truck extra special. The cake part of the truck was raised and the wheels added to make it look real!

Scalloped Wedding Cake Sample

I did this one for a 25th Wedding. She wanted flowers in between the dividers. She chose a larger pearl rope which looked lovely and elegant. I mark the top of the cake with a gold ring to help me locate the back of the cake quicker and to help me center correctly. On the next page you will see this same cake with another divider and flowers.

Get to know your Cake Lady
Whoever is your choice for doing your cake, make sure you work well with them. When designing a cake, I might add a few comments that will enhance the cake to get the fuller look the Bride is looking for. She will let me know whether she likes the ideas or not. I am very comfortable with that. It helps me see thru her eyes what she is looking for. It is important to me that the Bride is happy with my work. I take great pride and care in presenting her cake on her special day. Remember, the cake is one of the main memories people will have after the Reception. It is important that a delightful and wonderful memory is made of my work. I have been to weddings where the cake was beautifully done but lacked in taste. It is worse when it lacks taste and look cheap. So, take a look at the work the person you are looking into doing your wedding cake. Sample their work (if possible) if you have not have had any of their work. Spend some time with that person and you will know if you "click" and work together well. Final suggestion, after you have planned and designed your cake, leave the worry of the cake to the cake creater. It is one less worry for you and that is what you pay them for. Enjoy your wedding and make memories.